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Who We Are

Mariana Rinaldi VoxMagna Agency

Mariana Rinaldi

Founder and Managing Director

Mariana grew up in Argentina.
She became a criminal lawyer and as soon as she got her degree she went on a trip to forget about it.
Soaking her feet in the ocean in a hot summer of Spain she decided to become a contemporary dancer and choreographer.
Mariana landed in New Zealand in 2001, got a Bachelor of Performing Arts degree and danced and choreographed for the top artists in the country.
She then went to promote, choreograph and produce stage shows for a performance dance group that combined movement with LED costume and graphic design.
Her work as choreographer and producer in this company "jet-settered" her around the world by the trusting hands of brands such as Shell, Huawei, Mastercard, Chevrolet, Loreal, Suzuki, Audi, Boerhinger Ingelheim.
Her love and passion for strong technological ingredients in the performance field propelled her to the creation of VoxMagna.

Her 'ready to go' attitude and strong leadership skills in creative working environments, will promise to deliver an innovative live experience with a fiery latin passion.

LinkedIN: Mariana Rinaldi 


Phone: +64 21 995 153