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Puppets of Light






These Puppets of Light are  illuminated large-medium or small scale characters that can touch the feelings of all types of audiences.
The creators of these gentle creatures have displayed throughout the years an amazing talent in craftmanship and puppeteering, and with their original live music can bring a unique visual, interactive, emotive mobile experience to your public.

These creatures can glide between audience members with ease and grace, and their glowing figures light up a sense of wonder and togetherness in adults and children.

The only thing that these puppets want to share with the public are their heart. Because of the transparent appearance and the seeming lack of identity, these creatures are able to assume a multitude of roles.

The captivating emotional nature of these glowing puppets are the key ingredient for any marketing campaign, product launch or festival parade.

Puppets of Light create a genuine personal touch and a graceful, positive mood – this very special atmosphere that will spellbind your audience and remain in their memories for long.

The degree of customization these interactive beings can bring to your event goes from a tailor made show to delivering hugs on their parade through the crowd, to throwing pamphlets into the air, to dancing with the audience in a cocktail party. The possibilities with these characters are endless!


voxmagna agency, puppets of lights
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voxmagna agency, puppets of lights



Creative Services:

-Roving act

-Pre set stage performances

-Full customization of shows

-Live Music