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Dub Room Orchestra




Room Orchestra is an immersive audiovisual installation which gives the audience the experience of seating in a small room surrounded by  an orchestra. In this particular recording, 24 musicians performing a unique and original dub music composition are shown.

The spectators are so close to the musicians that they can feel they can almost touch them, giving the audience the perception of being in the center of an intimate live concert.

The installation consists of only 7 seats placed in the center of a 6mx6m wide, 3m high, u-shaped projection screen on which 180-deree surround video is projected.

A surround audio system plays the composition as performed by a traditional Reggae rhythm section, and a 20 piece chamber orchestra of classical musicians.

The recording technique, speaker placement and surround video projection create an immersive impression of a hyper-real show. The number and positioning of the seats will allow the spectators to have a VIP audiovisual experience.

The show can be played up to 4 times per hour, allowing a larger group of people per hour to experience the concert.

Because of the way the concert is filmed and recorded, the spectators enjoy the show from the conductor's position. Each audience member will be seated at a distance of 2.5m from the screen, with the performers projected bigger than real life size. This proximity allows the audience to see details that otherwise they would never have seen in a live concert setting. 

This immersive installation has been originally filmed and recorded with Reggae and Dub musicians playing an original composition but the work can be reproduced for a different type of music genres depending on the creative needs of the client or project.

VoxMagna Agency is so proud in being able to provide you with one amazing and one of a kind music installation.